Student Testimonials

Mental Health First Course

“I feel far more confident around mental health issues.”

“Enjoyed it. Very interesting. Great to get clarity of what to say vs. what to not say and to be given the tools to approach and help someone in need.”

“Fiona did an excellent job presenting. Particularly she was easy to ask questions to and facilitated lots of group input. She had a lot of experience in the field to back up the courses information and was able to give real life examples.”

“I thought the course was great. You have a very relaxed presentation style and I found the content/the way you ran the two days extremely interesting and well structured” Sarah, 2016

“Doing the course was very useful! I feel much more confident about approaching people who seem to be in distress both at work and in the community. In particular I found the segment on schizophrenia and psychotic episodes very illuminating. We are taught to be afraid of people visibly suffering from these disorders and knowing how to talk to somebody and offer help is very relieving and empowering.” Sian, 2016

“I’ve started to apply what I’ve learnt from your workshop and I tell you it’s a load of help.” Annamarie, 2016

“Before I did the course I had no idea about how to respond to someone experiencing Mental health problems. Thanks for a great course! I really learnt so many useful things and I enjoyed it. You were so helpful to everyone in the class.”   Annie,  2016

“It was wonderful to get to do the course and be advancing my knowledge and capabilities in the Mental Health field. I was thrilled afterwards to feel a sense of achievement again and it has given me more hope and confidence.”

“Positive. Very useful and informative.”

“Was very well run”

“Positive. Good framework to work within and good discussions/resources to help reduce stigma re:mental health. Fiona was a lovely facilitator with good practical experience and I don’t think she is aware of all of her expertise.”

“Enjoyed it”

“very good.”

“I was very pleased with the course and got a lot out of it even with an existing psychology background. It was simply and well taught by Fiona.”


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