Policy for rescheduling the date you attend the course

Sometimes things come up and people need to change to another course date.

14 days notice is needed to reschedule the date you attend the course.

If you give 14 days notice or more there is not a charge to change dates.

If you give 8 to 13 days notice there is a $55 fee.

If you give 1-7 days notice to change dates there is an $88 fee

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be given in writing via email.

If you cancel and provide:

  • 30 days’ notice or more you can receive a full refund.

If the course is cancelled by the trainer a full refund or transfer to another date will be granted. The refund will only cover the price of the course and exclude other costs incurred by the student (e.g. travel costs, time off work).

Code of Conduct

Participants in this course are expected to:

Adhere to the safety of yourself and other people during the course.

Adhere to anti-discrimination and all other policies.

Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of students and staff.

Respect the training venue and surrounds, and not damage any equipment.

Keep the venue clean and tidy.

Notify the trainer immediately via text message if you cannot attend training or if you are running late.

Take responsibility for self-care. If you feel distressed during the training, please let the trainer know.

Access and Equity Policy 

All venues are wheelchair accessible. If you have learning support, mobility or other access needs please let the trainer know. We will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments.

Anti-Discrimination Policy 

Discrimination of any form will not be tolerated and you can be asked to leave the course with no refund if you are found to be discriminating against anyone based on  race, religion, sexuality, marital status, disability, gender, breastfeeding, pregnancy or mental illness. This decision will be made at the trainer’s discretion.